If you have noticed that your closet is overstuffed with clothes that you have not used for months, it is definitely the right time to take some action. However, admitting that there is a problem is just one step toward a solution. In many cases, it is crucial to determine what you should do with these used clothes.

We have a few options like making donations, giving clothes to family or friends or selling these clothes. Selling clothes is now easier than ever thanks to the World Wide Web. With the help of websites like eBay, you will get many online clothing business opportunities that you should not miss.

Even though it’s true that eBay takes a part of your earnings whenever you sell an item, this fee is just 10% of the price you select. On the other hand, eBay is visited by millions of people every day. This means that your clothes will be exposed to a huge number of people.

But, do you know how to start selling clothes on eBay? Is this activity time-consuming or complicated? With a good strategy, you can start making money with eBay without much effort. There are people that have made a few hundred dollars in just a few days. Keep in mind that we are talking about making a profit from unused and unwanted clothes.

  1. Create a seller account

This journey starts with the creation of a seller account on eBay. The process is simple and it will take just a few minutes to create an account like this. Simply choose a unique username, verify your name, address, email, and phone number and select the payment method you prefer.

  1. Link a PayPal account

When you are selling your clothes, the financial transactions are completed thanks to PayPal. Create a PayPal account if you don’t have one and verify it.

  1. Evaluate your clothes

It might look like a difficult task to set a price, but don’t forget that there are thousands of products sold on eBay. This means that you can easily find similar pieces of clothing and use their price to form your own price.

  1. Use good photos

You can use your smartphone to create great photos. Remember to edit these photos for optimization. The photos you share on eBay must be honest and display the item in its true light.

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